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When is the right time to start saving for university?

Leave it too late and the end result could be a child burdened with thousands of dollars of debt in student loans.

There’s no getting away from the fact that a university education is expensive, and costs can last a long time, especially if more than one child is involved. It’s not just the cost of the tuition fees, but all the other costs that come along with putting a child through university.

Students attending a US private non-profit university in 2014/15 will have to pay on average fees of more than $46,000 for their first year alone (see table 1). Multiply this figure by a four year undergraduate course, and after assuming a small yearly increase of 4%, you could be looking at nearly $200,000.

​Average fees at US universities, 2014/15

  • Tuition and other fees                   $31,231      
  • Room and board                            $11,188
  • Books and supplies                        $1,244
  • Other expenses (inc transport)      $2,609

Total                                            $46,272


Expatriates living overseas are usually obliged to fund their children‘s education. Free schooling and higher education are not usually available to expatriates who often have to choose between expensive private schools locally or boarding schools at home. The subsequent expenses could substantially reduce your net disposable income.

At Universal Global Services we help our clients quantify the cost of educating their children and subsequently plan for it.

To be able to cope with ever-increasing school and university fees, committing to a long-term savings scheme is essential. Planning ahead and making sure that the necessary funds are available when required leads to financial freedom for yourself while securing your child‘s education.

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