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Clients who relocate or loose touch with their previous broker sometimes end up having to manage their own investments. This in itself is an issue as many people do not have the time, resources or expertise to do so. We strongly believe that the active monitoring of an investment is essential in todays rapidly changing environment. The markets change and so do your objectives which intern effect the risk tolerance you adapt.

At no cost to you or your contract we can help you manage your investment as one of our clients. As an independent advisory firm we have terms with the leading institutions in the offshore industry to facilitate a structured way of managing their investments. This is normally a 3 step process

Discuss your objectives, analyze your current assets and conduct a risk assessment. This would also serve to provide an understanding of your investments and provide you with a cost analysis along with a general understanding of the investments you hold.
Set up internet access to your account so you can directly view current valuations whenever you wish. Transfer of agents completed to nominate us as your advisor**
Agree on the frequency of service calls. We will touch base on a regular basis to provide performance updates and also help you manage your investments in general. This would also include underlying investment and asset allocation advice as well as the reports required.

**Please note the above does not effect your contract nor incur any additional charge. Your contractual obligation is with the investment company and not Universal. You may cease to use our services without any effect whenever you wish. No money should be paid to Universal Global Services or its employees.

There are many reasons why one would chose to bank offshore. As a company we have ties with several major international banks that can facilitate expatriate banking needs. We introduce our clients to banking solutions which are cost effective and provide the normal banking facilities one is accustomed to in their home country.

These would include but are not limited to the following:

  • Bank Accounts opened in economically stable jurisdictions
  • 24 hour internet &telephone banking
  • Tax free interest (at source)
  • Multi currency Accounts
  • Visa debit/ credit cards &cheque books
  • Low minimum balances required
  • Current/ term deposit accounts

Expatriates living overseas are usually obliged to fund their children‘s education. Free schooling and higher education are not usually available to expatriates who often have to choose between expensive private schools locally or boarding schools at home. The subsequent expenses could substantially reduce your net disposable income.

At Universal Global Services we help our clients quantify the cost of educating their children and subsequently plan for it.

To be able to cope with ever-increasing school and university fees, committing to a long-term savings scheme is essential. Planning ahead and making sure that the necessary funds are available when required leads to financial freedom for yourself while securing your child‘s education.