Independent Financial Advisors

Offshore & Tax effecient Investments

As independent financial advisors our business is to advise and broker financial products to our expatriate or international clients ranging from insurance, pensions, savings, investments and more. Our services include a fully comprehensive advisory service to assist clients with a holistic view to wealth management and financial planning. We also provide self execution investments and currency exchange products available online.

Experience You Can Trust

Global network 

We are members of GLOBAL NET LTD forming part of the largest financial brokerage groups in the world. GlobalNet operates throughout South America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. In total, the combined strength of the two companies is in excess of fifty offices. As a Group, we have in excess of $7 billion under management, with over 500 expert Financial Advisors in more than 40 countries, and collectively service more than 40,000 Clients in 109 countries..